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Alison is a highly accomplished general manager with multi-disciplinary commercial experience on a national scale. Her professional services are now focused as a strategic advisor in the areas of advocacy, advisory, acquisition/disposal, and influencer in the housing affordability area working with the development industry, finance industry and public policy advisors.

By formal education and experience, Alison is an expert Property Valuer across all asset classes – residential, commercial, rural and specialist areas, with significant experience in both the metropolitan and regional property markets. Alison’s career has included the build out of a single valuer practice from start-up in regional Victoria into a substantial shareholding in the Opteon Property Group – a national independent property valuation firm employing more than 800 people.

Alison sits on the Committee for Geelong and is a Member of its Strategy & Policy Committee, and is a Member of the ‘Winning from Second’ and Leadership Committees. In addition, she is a member of the Australian Property Institute also sitting on its Education Innovation sub committee.

Alison’s exemplary work ethic, commercial expertise, innate leadership abilities, communication and influencing skills have underpinned her success as a professional business owner, Valuation expert, trusted advisor and advocate. She is passionate about the challenges of housing affordability in Australia and globally, and about breaking this down into strategic, actionable focus areas.

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